Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scented Candles

In the modern era, when you speak of candles, it would no longer be associated to its domestic functions and role in the early years of its invention. Historical accounts of candles are traced way back 3,000 years ago in the ancient Egyptian realm. As time goes by, candle likewise went through countless innovations, modifications and changes that make a different switch of idealism and perspective. Scented candle making is one of the vital changes that give candles a brand new role in the industry and the entire human history. Traditional candles are odourless and transparent, only serving its main purpose of producing light to every household or any venues in the past.

However with the advent of electricity and the much modern advancement through times, candle became an ornament, iconic household design or a therapeutic aid among others. Needless to say, when you speak of candles in the contemporary days, it would automatically be associated with arts, wellness and therapy. Especially with scented candles, it is definitely used for providing ambience and atmosphere conducive for tranquillity, serenity and quietude. Nowadays, there are approximately 500 to 800 different kinds of aroma or scents that could be used to manufacture scented candles.

Are scented and aromatherapy candles the same?

These two kinds of candles are usually closely related with each other, but it is important to note that though there are noticeable similarities, scented and aromatherapy candles are two very different kinds in terms of its content and function. Scented candle making utilizes candle scents or fragrances which are more of creating an environment and influences the sense of smell of its users. Aromatherapy candles on the other hand have natural essential oil extracts which have both therapeutic and physiological effects on its users. This very function is not possible for its scented candle counterpart.

What are important tips for scented candle making and use?

In terms of using scented candles, it is important to burn this type of candles in well-ventilated places or rooms, in order to effectively emit its fragrance, making it more obvious to its users. However, for those who have certain kinds of allergies, mild reactions may occur, yet the fragrance of the candles is considered harmless and safe.

Properly burned candle wick for scented candles is likewise very necessary because if your candles have dirty burn as the term goes, the fragrance exuded by the candle would greatly be affected.

What fragrances are used for scented candle making?

You could actually choose from a wide array of fragrance choices you could use for your scented candle production. Some of the most popular that many candle makers and enthusiasts are preferring would include sandalwood, pine forest, fruit fragrances like apples, cherry, grapefruits, even French coffee, cappuccino, sugar cookie and baby powder fragrance that is more of a lavender or rose scent with vanilla.

Scented candle making is one exciting and creative activity like no other. It could likewise be a brilliant investment venture that you could easily make for such cost-efficient and convenient start.

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